April festival screenings

Check out I USED TO BE DARKER at these festivals in April: BAFICI, CPH:PIX, IndieLisboa, Nashville, Wisconsin & Sarasota! Stay tuned to our FaceBook page to receive updates. Filmmakers will be in attendence at most of the screenings!

Steve Dollar at Green Cine Daily

Matt Porterfield isn’t afraid to get iconic: the film’s key image is a shot of Campbell, arms akimbo with her shoulder blades exposed at asymmetrical angles in a summer dress, seen from the back as she gazes into a lush green wood, a mop of strawberry hair falling to her shoulders. But the visual design [...]

Love Hurts

Kim Taylor and Ned Oldham perform together at the High West Saloon during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival event to celebrate the opening of their feature film I USED TO BE DARKER, directed by Matt Porterfield. Here’s a clip of them performing a duet of “Love Hurts”.